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by Renee on June 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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I have a new best friend….my postmaster :)

The post office and I have been having a pretty kick butt week! I think it all started on Sunday when the movie ‘You’ve got Mail” was on TV. I know how the movie ends I’ve seen it a bazzilion times yet if I give it more than 3 minutes of my time, I’m sucked in all over again.  It’s all the dial tone servers kicking in. It makes me remember the fun the internet provided us back in 1997.  That errie sound of servers connecting, you can admit it!  You miss the sound of the AOL booting up.


But that movie seems to have been an Omen for my week! All these goodies arrived separately in my mailbox this week! My favorite Chia Seed Company RunningFood  sent me some samples. My Nature’s Bounty workout band arrived! (this was a give away through their facebook page) AND my mother’s day Cliff Bar prize pack from a contest I won from Melissa at Treats With a Twist arrived as well! So many fun things to eat and try out. I can’t wait to get moving with  them. The workout band is going to require me to find a new workout! I wonder if tabata band style could work? I’ll work on that! 😉 Not pictured in this photo are the new business cards I received for my blog since in a few weeks we will be moving this whole party to our new URL!  Also missing is a sample of 5 hour energy!

Cliff even sent me some MoJo Bars, and chocolate brownie cliff bars. Yummmmm it’s like they know me :)

Cliff Bars, MoJo Bars

My workout today was pretty light. A quick 2 mile walk/run with my baby boy. He wasn’t enjoying the walking,  so running was the only way to keep him in the stroller! I always wonder what on Earth people think when I run by them saying “NOOOo stay in the stroller and don’t touch the tires” while my 2-year-old is laughing and yelling  RUN, RUN, RUN! I’m sure they envy me right in that second of madness :)  My desk job countdown is on only 9 days left! I hoping that I will be able to have more of these fun mommy and me moments when I’m home full-time!

Dinner was a treat from my mother in law! Her special homemade spaghetti sauce and meat balls….Sooooo Yummy! Sorry cell phone photos since I was starving!

There was even fresh Italian bread from a local place in town! I went without the butter to cut down a little on calories. It was still warm and delicious.

I can’t wait to see what other fabulous things arrive in my mailbox this week! A girl could get used to a week like this one. I’m always excited when I get anything besides bills in the mail. This week is a new record for an awesome You’ve got Mail week!

What is the best thing you have gotten in the mail? Do you work out with a band?

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1 Luv What You Do June 6, 2012 at 3:13 am

I have my patients doing band work all the time, but don’t typically use one myself. I should though…they are awesome…espeically at home and on the go! I wish I got free food in the mail. That is so fun! The best thing I ever got in the mail was care packages when I was a camper back in the day. There was always food hidden somewhere in side!


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