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by Renee on November 9, 2012 · 0 comments

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Welcome Readers from Running with Sass thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited to have you here. Please take a look around and I hope you’ll find something you like.

It’s Friday! It’s also my niece’s 5th birthday…5 years old today, I can’t believe it’s been that long! I’m having a pretty fit and fabulous Friday over here. After video editing for most of the morning. I hit the elliptical for a nice 5 miles (in honor of a 5th birthday!). Followed by 20 minutes of free weights and the plank of the day.  I didn’t take a picture today but I’m up to 1:30! Look how colorful all the free weights are in my gym…

Colorful pops of muscle…I think this is the most organized I’ve ever seen them! I added some new to me songs to the run playlist this morning and it always makes the time to go by faster.

{I Disappear} Metallica

{Starships} Nicki Minaj

{Hospital Food} David Gray

{Some Nights} F.U.N

{Little Talks} Of Monsters and Men


I also a confession I didn’t eat breakfast…The Horror, the shame.  I did however have some coffee and made myself a “brunch”. A mushroom Boca Burger with  vegetables and rice hit the spot. I’m back into Boca burgers. They were on sale this week so I picked up a box fully knowing NO one else in my house would touch them. I thought I bought the tomato basil kind but when I got home they were actually mushroom. I think I like the mushroom better than the tomato basil kind! A moment of serendipity I suppose.  I haven’t eaten one in over a year and they just called to me…thanks Tops for the massive end cap of them 😉

I’m also loving these little Clementines. They are a great afternoon snack. Plus is there anything better than a freshly peeled orange?

I also whipped up 2 dozen cupcakes for the weekend! We’ve got guests coming into town. And we’ve promised my oldest we would go see Wreck-it-Ralph. I’m kind of excited to see it too.


Question of the Day? What songs have you added to your workout mix this week?

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