Cucumber Lunch Boats

by Renee on October 10, 2012 · 0 comments

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Thanks Everyone you seem to be really liking the new elliptical workout from yesterday based on the feedback! I’m telling you music makes you move!

After a KILLER workout this morning, I’m talking PR setting workout (!) I was craving something lean and mean for lunch.

First my record-setting day on the elliptical….I’m apparently suffering from procrastination and like getting ready for a test at the last-minute. I’m getting ready for this wedding on Friday by cranking out some QUICK workouts! And surprisingly this run felt really good, granted it was only a little over two miles but that pace was fierce for me.




After that sweet victory it was time for eating!  I was really digging cucumber my grocery store had them on sale so I had a few kicking around but really didn’t feel like a salad. I’m also trying to cut back some on my carb intake! It’s been pretty insane.

Cucumber Lunch

And these boats hit the SPOT! I should also mention that chicken salad you see is MAYO free!  Here is how I made it.




Cucumber meals


Want to get running this weekend but can’t find a race in your area? No worries join me in the The Cupcake Classic!

CupcakeClassic virtual 5k

Jess over at RunwithJess is hosting her second annual Cupcake Classic Virtual 5k. The rules are what makes this run so much fun! The rules are simple make cupcakes and yummier the better, then run a 5k and to celebrate you eat a cupcake! This 5k has my name all over it! Want to sign up and run it with me? You can sign up here.

I’ve been really digging these virtual 5k’s this year!

Have you ever run a virtual 5k? If so which ones are your favorite?

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