A Manic Monday

by Renee on April 7, 2014 · 3 comments

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Welcome! I feel like I’m having a manic Monday. After a weekend away getting focus today seems to be an issue.

We had a blast this weekend in Saratoga Springs!

Saratoga Springs Welcome


Seriously I can’t tell you the last time my husband and I spent a night away from our kids. It’s a rarity around here. And with this crew how could we not have a great time?Weekend in Saratoga

We ended up dividing up the weekend. The ladies headed up on Friday for a night all to ourselves. We had a pretty fun drive to Saratoga wrong turn and all! 😉 The boys came up and met us Saturday and a great weekend was had by all.

The weather was kinda crappy so most of our plans for walking and shopping got kicked  to the curb. I think this sign basically covered what went on. I will say though this weekend might go down in history as the only time I have ever started eating outside and had to be moved inside on account of snow!


We found a hat store! Hats

My liver is still trying to recover.


This morning I took in a new to me Yoga class and I just couldn’t get into it. I like to hold poses and really work the stretch. This class moved along really quickly and didn’t give me the calm feeling that I usually get from my regular yoga classes.

I’m at such a loss now that my P90X program is over. Time to find a few new classes.

I went for a run yesterday!  That went like this:

Loop run.jpg

It was more of a get my head right recovery run = detox run, sweat out the booze run. At least I’m honest, right? :)

It felt so good to run outside with sunshine on my face though! I’m happy I got it in yesterday rather than waiting till today. Today has been nothing but a gloomy rainy day, which could also explain why I can’t get out of my funk.

In BRIGHTER exciting news! Congratulations to KIND bar winner: Emily

Question of the day: How was your weekend? What’s your favorite kind of yoga class? 

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1 Emily April 7, 2014 at 10:13 pm

Yay for couples getaways! I always feel like a new person when we can get away and make up our own shenanigans without thinking about diapers, tantrums, and bedtimes.

Great run! I’m hoping I can lace up the sneakers sometime. Le sigh.

Is that KIND bar winner me Emily, or another Emily?


2 Nicole April 8, 2014 at 1:43 am

I do enjoy power yoga and kundalini. But I’m spoiled and do yoga at home via my expansive collection of DVDs or just via Hulu/YouTube.
Love the hats!


3 Tina Muir April 8, 2014 at 11:09 am

I am very intrigued by what went down in your “saucing”! Looks like you had fun :) I go to hot yoga, and sometimes it can be on the verge of pushing me too far, with my training that is, but I always feel much better after. I love that with yoga, no one judges if you are feeling overwhelmed and move into childs pose to gather yourself.

I had a wonderful weekend, as you know I ran Cherry Blossom, and was treated like a celebrity as an elite, I will share in my recap tomorrow :)


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