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Healthy-living to me can take on a lot of facets. I am a wife,mother,sister, daughter,employee, entrepreneur,friend and about 452729790 other titles in the course of a day. Part of healthy living for me is making delicious food, and working out. Another part and maybe the most important is being a great mom. Teaching my two little guys all they will need to know to be successful independent adults. (And super husbands am I right ladies?) We work on manners, numbers, colors, reading, letters, integrity, empathy and most of that is all before lunch on a good Saturday!

I enjoy working out with my boys they love going for walks since I let them choose the routes! I have plenty of pictures of me with my little run buddies.

As a working mother I find I need to combine activities for my boys so we can make the most out of the short time we have together on week nights. Since I feel I’m always running out of ideas of what to do I’m sharing with you some of my quick educational “playtime” activities. My boys enjoy block and truth be told it’s therapeutic after a long day to build blocks!  Here are 8 easy ideas for learning with blocks.

What you will need a bag of blocks, paper, markers:

1. Colors! Divide all the blocks into groups by colors

2. Shapes! you can create lots of shapes from the block including tracing the tops on paper to create circles. Simple reinforcement of the shapes while they play works great for repetition.

3. Letters! Green block start with what letter? My older son loves this game and even makes up colors for the not so obvious ones! A is for aqua blue! So it’s imagination building too!

4. Numbers! I have made flash cards with numbers written on them they pick a card and count out the number of blocks on the card. Then they get to build a tower while it’s my other sons turn. You can also do this without the cards, but with my older son I like for him to visually recognize the numbers.

5. Patterns! Creating patterns for my little guys to recreate is always fun especially when they build a pattern for me to recreate. They enjoy being the teacher and are learning through it.

6. Counting! How high can you build your tower. I let them build the tallest tower they can then we count the number of blocks to the top!

7. Imagination! Creative thinking I’ll build a “house” like structure and let them guess what they think would live in the house and what it would eat! It usually ends in silliness but it gets them thinking.

8. Problem solving! They create monsters/ animals and we guess what they are. This is more for my older son as my younger son usually just growls like a lion through this and builds a tower :)


If you’re a parent how do you have small teachable moments with your kids? 

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