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Hello Everyone today I’m super excited to be introducing a new event! How many times have you seen another blogger/friend with a super cute top and thought oh man I wish I could find that near me? Or spent hours looking for a new style water bottle? Or admired from afar someones new fit gear? I know I have more than I care to admit. A solution? The Fabulous Fit Gear Swap!

Fabulous Fit Fear Swap

INTRODUCING: The Fabulous Fit Gear Swap! Readers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts alike sign up today for this new program kicking off in FEBRUARY!

So how does it work? 

  • Each month you can sign up for the gear swap. You will be matched with another swapper. You will purchase $20 worth of gear that you think your swapper would like. (if they are into YOGA DO NOT buy them Crossfit gear, please)  It’s a great way to share your favorite items with people who are also interested in great gear.
  • You MUST sign up through the form by the 5th of the month, and agree to ship your gear out by the 15th of the month.
  • You will email your match and get an idea of their workout gear likes and dislikes, ask for sizing if you plan to look for apparel, no one wants gear that doesn’t fit.
  • The Best part YOU will also receive a package each month from your match!
  • Get great gear and meet some new friends throughout the month.
  • CURRENTLY ONLY open to people in the United States.
  • On the last day of the month, you can share (Blog, tweet, facebook, instagram) your new fit gear with the hashtag #fabulousfitgear
  • I will host a blog link up here at for all the blog posts!

Fabulous Fit Gear Swap small


So wanna get involved? OF COURSE YOU DO, Sign up today:  Using this FORM.

Our first month of the swap will be FEBRUARY!

I’m linking up with Amanda at Runningwithspoons because this is all I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks :)

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite fit gear? 


At Home Yoga Sequence-

by Renee on January 28, 2015 · 28 comments

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Happy Hump Day! I’m excited to say last night I decided to complete my first ever brick. I ended up teaching my usual spin class and then hit the treadmill for a little 2 mile run. Needless to say my legs aren’t big fans of all this nonsense so a little foam rolling is in order for today. And clearly speed will be my enemy.

First Brick

Then again…. this did all go down at 7pm so maybe I should start this earlier in the day?  Hopefully my triathlon will be earlier than 7pm! But it was a good start, my legs are pretty strong right now from half marathon training so I’m hopeful the transition to tri training with be a smooth one.

Today I’m teaming up with Annmarie for a Wild Wednesday Workout.

Wild Workout Wednesday Who doesn’t love a quick yoga strength workout that can be done at home? I think one of the things I love the most about teaching PiYo is that it’s all bodyweight. I don’t need to lug heavy weights or try to find a treadmill. It’s a workout that can be done anywhere or even outside.

At Home Yoga

For this workout you really want to concentrate on your breath. Move as you exhale, hold as you inhale.

Complete 10 reps on each side left then right (20 total) for 2-3 rounds. You should build lots of heat with these power yoga moves.

At home Yoga Sequence


These are some of my favorite power moves. They utilize stability, balance and core. The pistol crunch is one of my new favorite moves. It really challenges the glutes and core to work together for that crunch. You can modify this move, by dropping the back to the ground and lifting the leg up as you crunch.

As always I am a group fitness instructor but I’m NOT YOUR group fitness instructor so always consult with a physician before beginning a new workout. I’m sharing with you my workouts, what I do may not work for everyone. 

**Top from C9forTarget capris from Fabletics, Mat from Manduka**

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite power yoga movement/pose?




Get ready today is a one of those all over the place posts. First up I thought I lost my fitbit. You have NO idea the sadness on Friday when I looked down at my wrist shocked I hadn’t yet hit 10,000 steps after all I had taken a class, taught a class, walked my dog , cleaned my house and normally just those activities are enough to put me over the edge.


I looked down to see NO FITBIT. HORROR. I retraced my steps held back the tears and tried to remember the last time I saw it. I called the Y and asked if anyone had turned one on. Weirdly though after the initial panic I was like it’s ok I’ll find it.

When I got home I noticed it had sunk? (synced?) and I had over 10,000 steps meaning it was somewhere close! I opened up my car trunk to get out my son’s hockey bag and there is was!!! You have no idea I jumped for joy. What is it about this silly little step tracker that has me that attached to it?

Crisis Averted.

I was bored one day last week and decided it’s been a while since I homemade any beauty products. Since I have a whole tub of coconut oil I refuse to eat with I whipped up this pretty amazing sugar scrub.

DIY Sugar Scrub

It’s perfect for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day gift.


My hands after making this were silky smooth! I use this type of mix  a lot on my feet which is why I chose a spearmint oil. Peppermint would also be great here. The more I run the more dried out and cracked my feet get this scrub just helps revitalize my over worked feet.

You can also use this scrub to exfoliate on your face, elbows, arms really anywhere you would like. No chemical, no fuss.

all natural DIY sugar scrub

all natural DIY sugar scrub


We had a day off from hockey this weekend which is almost unheard of at this time in the season. But we took it and full on enjoyed it. I took my little man on a date. while my older son and husband had their own hockey night.

broc date

This boy will not take off this Ottawa hat. It cracks me up. They sent home school pictures and he’s wearing it in ALL of them.

Of course our break from hockey was short-lived:


Half marathon training has been interesting. I was so on with each workout for the first few weeks went well, granted the mileage wasn’t much different from what I was used to. I ended whole30 when I couldn’t keep up with calories in training and teaching. And now my poor hamstrings are feeling the burn.

Foam Roller

My foam roller and I are getting close but it still isn’t relieving the tightness. I think I might need a good soak. Warrior 3′s are killing my legs haha!

Well it’s official now I will be TRI-ing this summer! 

I signed up for the mini-Musselman in Geneva. I’m slightly nervous about this, mostly the biking. Musselman

I’m also going to be heading out to LA for Ideafit Fitness Blogfest, I’m more excited for this event since last year I really wanted to attend but just couldn’t swing it.


Looking forward to connecting with lots of never before met blog friends!  Who else is going?

Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to this summer? Do you make your own beauty products?