Five Ways to Have a Better Day

by Renee on September 1, 2015 · 6 comments

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Waking up and not instantly feeling pumped about the day ahead is the worst way to begin a new day. Sometimes we all need a little boost to have the best day ever.

Lovely Flower

For me planning ahead is the only way to accomplish anything during the week. A little plan and  a little prep and I’m ready to conquer the day!

5 Ways to Wake Up Smiling!

5. Stretch! 

Wake up and stretch it’s a great way to let your body know it’s tie to begin the day. Touch your toes, front fold or even a reverse swan dive can be a great way to send a rush of blood to your muscles awaking them for the day.

Fabletics yoga.jpg

4. Invite in the SUN

Natural Sunlight in the morning is another way to trigger a great day. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels that helps combat stress. This is why a mid afternoon walk in the sunshine is also a great way to keep having a great day.

Morning Sun

3. Make a Note

Write down what you hope to accomplish for the day, even just making a list of the things you are grateful for can help get you in a perfect mindset for a better day. It’s hard to be a crazy stress ball when you start your day with a list of things that make you smile.


2. Exercise! 

Working out in the morning can have a positive effect on the rest of your day. You’ll be more focused at work and don’t need to worry if something runs late that you’ll miss your workout. Rising and Grinding can also help boost your mood for the entire day.

water bottle - weights

1.Prep the Night Before 

In the 10 minutes before you put your head to the pillow there are a ton of things you can prep to have the best day ever the next day. I like to lay our my work clothes, workout clothes and lunch. Workout PrepHaving those three items already in place BEFORE I wake up in the morning can help make my mornings a little less chaotic which directly leads to a better day. No stress and stumbling! I get my workout in, get out of the shower and put on the clothes I’ve already laid out. No fussing with wardrobe changes. Sometimes if I know I have a crazy busy day I make a to-do list before I go to bed to ensure I get a great nights sleep rather than having my mind run wild with things I need to remember the next day.

Shrimp Cocktail Lunch
Other quick tips to wake up smiling? Hydrate, start your day with a glass of water before that morning coffee. Always say please and thank you.

Question of the Day: What tips and tricks help you have an awesome day?




Happy Monday Friends! Exciting news! I’m happy to share I’ve been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. After hanging out with this group of ladies at Blog fest and seeing first hand what a welcoming and inspiring community they are I knew I had to try to join them! Woot Woot for new blends and friends!

Sweat Pink

If you hadn’t guessed from my rather whole 30-ish pins on pinterest, it looks like I’m due for another strict round of whole30. I’m using the month of September to re-address my health goals, which I’ve been pretty far away from over the past few months.

kalamata Green Beans

Coming up with new recipes for Whole 30 is one way I keep everything exciting. The same old food usually leads to a totally snore fest. Life is short try new food. 

This weekend I was sampling some new recipes for whole 30 sides. This recipe is the BOMB. I love green beans so really anytime I have an excuse to actually cook them rather than pick and eat I’m excited.

garden beans

For this recipe I’m using a the Kalamata Olives as a salty opposite flavor to the sweet green bean.

Kalamata Green Beans Whole 30

This recipe is perfect for a quick side. If you need to save even more time and don’t want to prep your green beans you can buy pre-cut and washed varieties at the store.

This recipe should work really well for this round of whole 30 because there is a ton of fresh green beans in September. This recipe can be scaled if you need more for your weekly prep and is a perfect way to get in a slightly salty treat.

olives and green beans

We roasted some cauliflower “steaks” to go with our beans and ended up with a fantastic whole30 compliant meatless diner!

Cauliflower Steaks

I’m linking up today with Tina and Deborah. Pop over and check out their entire round up of fantastic meatless meals to keep you full and energized!

Meatless Monday

Question of the day: What are your September Goals? 


A Wonderful Weekend in Photos

by Renee on August 31, 2015 · 4 comments

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Sometimes my weekends go by so fast I blink and they are over. This weekend was one of those we celebrated  a wedding, enjoyed a great day with good friends and even had a day of workouts, walks and golf.

First up we traveled to Old Forge to celebrate Katie & Jamie’s Wedding.

Old Forge

I met Katie all the way back in college and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding as well. I was excited to get to see her big day and celebrate her new life as a married lady. There were a TON of laughs, dancing and merriment.Katies WeddingWe really wanted to start a game of flip cup with these but thought it might be a bad idea. How cute are these cups?
Jamie and Katie

Troy and I had so much fun which of course always calls for a selfie.
Us at Katies Wedding

We woke up early Saturday and made the trip back home. And spent an awesome day with friends on the Lake.

frisbee golf

Sunday kicked off sweaty! I actually made it to the gym for the first Sunday in at least a month. I’m setting up for September to get back on track with my goals. bosu pushups

I even took a little flex photo…it’s not what it used to be but hey it gives me a goal right?muscle flex

After a good lifting session I headed home and prepped some new to me whole 30 recipes and then decided it was time to go for a hike with the little man.

hiking with Broc

We got a few miles in and saw my first leaves of the year…booo….hiss. Brace yourselves pumpkin everything is coming.

First leaves of fall

They are beautiful though.


And then we had a little family mini golf session.

family mini golf

And now I’m calling an end to this weekend with an episode of my new favorite show…Fear the Walking Dead…are you watching too?


Question of the Day: How was your weekend?