Equalizer Bars {Workout}

by Renee on November 24, 2014 · 8 comments

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Recently I’ve been branching out in my fitness workouts. I’m trying to find things that are extremely challenging to me. The harder the exercise is when I start the more apt I am to stick with it without getting bored. I get in the MUST conquer phase.

me and equalizers

Annmarie is always posting photos of her Lebert Equalizer Pink bars and I knew there was a set at my gym I needed to start working with. And HOLY CRAP they kicked my butt. Well really they kick my arms.

I think it took me two weeks to just be able to do dips with the bars. This is crazy progress people!

equalizer dipsMy arms burn just looking at this picture. I had no idea the strength I’m lacking in the dip department.

Since I was very new to these bars, it took me a while to get comfortable with them. Trying to stabilize on them and figure out where to put my hands.

I’ve checked out a few different videos and pinterest posts trying to get idea of how to use them. What I quickly learned was I’m a beginner. Some of the movements were just FAR beyond my strength at this point. So I’ve been sticking to very basic movement and trying to up the number of reps or time I can hold each move. Here’s a quick workout I’ve been doing over the past few weeks.

equalizer bar Beginner workout

Explanation of the movements: 

1. First up a static hang. Basically I’m just holding myself up in this position for as long as I can. These might start slow by try to add a few seconds each day to the hold.

2. Pull Ups with one Bar. Again start slow. When I first started this move I simply held it as long as I could before I was strong enough to lower and lift my upper body.

3. Push Ups on the bar. I’ve been using these to work my chest to get stronger for my dips. Shoot for 10-15 reps.

4. Static Hold with Leg Lifts. I need some core work and like that this movement combines two muscle groups in one movement. It’s a great combination move. Again here shoot for 10-15 reps.

I repeat this group of exercises through for 4-5 rounds. My arms usually are crying once I’m through. I like the challenge though. It’s a very beginner workout and I’m hoping as my strength increases I’ll be able to add in some of the more complex moves I’ve come across online.

equalizer workout

If you are looking for other ideas check out Jen’s great Equalizer workout as well.

The one thing I love about fitness is NO matter how in good shape we THINK we are, changing something up and can put us right back in beginner mode. Practice makes perfect and stronger bodies.

Question of the Day: Do you use Equalizer Bars? Can you do dips? Any tips for beginner? 




Jingle Bell Run 2014 – Recap

by Renee on November 22, 2014 · 2 comments

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I ran this race last year and it burned me. It was an all around not great run for me. This year was a completely different story.  All the stars seemed to a line and it turned out really well!

Jingle Bell  Run 2014

Behold with the exception of one the YMCA run group. The guys took third place in their age groups and Nicole and I had some solid runs.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this run. I’ve been lifting more than running lately and the cold weather is also pretty new. I loved my new feetures sock in bright yellow, but my toes got a little frosty on the course.

The sun was actually out this year and aside form a little wind in the face while running up the only hill, the course wasn’t too bad.

Races at Onondaga Community College are pretty simple it’s two laps around the campus. Down hill then up hill then a little down hill then flat. It makes for a good zone race mentally. Although I have to admit after the first time up the hill I wondered how the second climb was going to go.

I ended up with a pretty solid day. I finished with a 28:30 which is a PR for that course and as far I can find a PR for my 5k’s this year. I thought I had a 27 minute but I can’t quickly find it so let’s say this is PR :)

jingle bell run logo

I’m hoping that the boost and momentum can carry me into training for the Syracuse Half in March. Finger and toes crossed.

I’m still looking for a good training plan for that one. I need the focus.

Question of the Day: Have you ever trained for a winter/early spring half marathon?


Five Things Friday Neon and Leather

by Renee on November 21, 2014 · 11 comments

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Yesterday’s post was kinda heavy so let’s lighten things up shall we? Because nothing says lighter like leather and neon. Five Friday Collage

You know I have a love for crazy pattern pants. They hid my belly and show off my legs which for me is key. I realize they aren’t for everyone…BUT if you are feeling daring here are some of my favorites. Also thanks Athleta for sending the catalogue my bank account hates me.

Athleta stripes






I’ve had this cute leather crop jacket for a while but I haven’t really had anyplace to where it. Big struggle I know. So I decided to pull it out and rock it for the day with NO place to really go. I went to preschool drop off and my favorite home away from home Panera to work.

It probably would have looked better with a legging pant but it was cold out and I wanted to be covered just in case of a snowpocalypse. (Ha and yes next time I will wash the mirror prior to selfies)


If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen my new socks! I have been hearing good things about feetures from some other bloggers and decided to grab myself a few pairs to check out.

So far I like them…new socks are the BEST things in the world and I like how BRIGHT these are to break up the dullness of winter.

Features Socks

This weekend is the Jingle Bell Run I’m hoping for a better time than last year. And with any luck a solid PR. We will see!


I’m skipping the santa hat this year for sure ;)

In case you missed it Check out this Bosu workout and I’ve got an Equalizer bar workout coming at ya tomorrow!

Bosu Blast Workout

That’s it for me!

Question of the day: Leather or neon if you had to choose one?