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The Unexpected Weekend

by Renee on September 21, 2014 · 6 comments

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I love the unexpected things that can happen on a weekend unplanned! This weekend was the first this month that wasn’t jam-packed with preplanned events. And if you know anything about us, without plans we either are crazy productive or crazy lazy. Luckily this weekend we opted for the productive.

chase your dreams

The latest release of PiYo arrived at my door and I wanted to so badly jump in and learn it, but I’m still working on the last release. A week in and I’m half way through it. I’ve discovered I’m a write to learn/memorize person. Would explain my furious note taking in college. Piyo35

Guys….I know this is lame but I’m proud: I MADE MY FIRST SALMON at HOME!

Cinnamon Salmon

I have ZERO skills in cooking fish. I never know when it’s done, and I always overcook it. I usually just buy those Wegmans pre-seasoned dinner entrees fish fillets and put them in the over. Boom fool-proof fish.

….Well I followed this amazing recipe from CotterCrunch for Salted Cinnamon Salmon which when made with ghee is whole30 approved! And it was delicious. Like melt in my mouth amazing. It made me want to run out and buy more salmon now that I can cook it. Also the corn in this photo is NOT whole30 approved, but it made a better picture than the sweet potatoes :)

So get geared up I think I’m going to venture into more fish cooking adventures? I hope it goes as well as this did.

I got be a soccer mom for the first time this season, I’m telling you my Saturdays have been a mess.

Broc- Soccer

soccer R

I also want to wish a sweet adios to 1964…I’m excited for the something new!

goodbye 1964

I cleaned out closets, switched from summer clothes to fall clothes for the boys and even watched a movie! Say what? I matched all the socks in our house, and meal planned for the week!

I feel like I’m possessed by someone else and I’m liking it.

Now to continue this productive weekend!

Question of the Day: What do you have going on this weekend? 


Whole 30 – Round 3

by Renee on September 19, 2014 · 5 comments

in fitness, Food

Thanks for the feedback on my why no Tri post. I don’t know why but it was just something that’s been rolling around in my brain for a while. Thanks for letting me roll it out.

I’m back to regular workouts which feels great. It was a long summer of craziness and the routine has been welcomed. BUT Two weeks back to the gym and it’s obvious how much I need my diet to change. So on a whim I’m back to strict whole 30 eats.

It Starts with Food

I kicked things off yesterday with what I had in my fridge and will be planning out my meals for the week after shopping this weekend.

Fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmer's market

I tend to gain weight in my middle first, I know this is going to sound crazy vain but I’m not happy right now with how my body looks. My center is holding weight and it’s making me crazy. Getting serious about my diet is usually also a great way to break out of my ruts. I need to get out of the fog I’ve been in and healthy eats are a great way to do it.

For shopping this first week I’m relying on my power foods. For me these are the MUST haves in my pantry to make this stick:

Fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmer's market

For breakfast I made these, they are simple and tasty and keep my morning from running late.

Bacon Breakfast Muffins.jpg


And lunch was a simple salad, yes there is lettuce under there somewhere!


And dinner ended up being left over spaghetti squash and tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Squash .jpg

I seriously miss ice cream right now. The first few days of this are the hardest.

I taught this morning and ended up swimming right after and of course now all I want to do is eat EVERYTHING.

I’m keeping strong though! And making my meal plan list for the week. Goodbye flabby abs! :)

Question of the day: What MUST you have in your kitchen, those items that always make great meals? 

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Who doesn’t like saving money? If you didn’t just raise your hand, I don’t know you anymore.

Deals of the Day

Anyway back to my point, saving on fitness! I love a good deal on apparel, and techie things. It makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery, so I’m sharing some deals that are going on today with you! *please note some of these might contain affiliate links but most are just deals too good to not share*


Seriously I LIVE for these earbuds. I swear by them, I have 3 pairs of my own and if you ask me what my favorite kind are I will ONLY say earbuds.


TODAY only they are having a 50% off sale! Meaning you can get the same buds shown above for as little as $15.  Go here to take advantage.

Reebok: is having a pretty good 50% off sale on outlet goods. Some of my favorites include:

This Studio Stripe Bra: $22.97

studio stripe bra

These Skyscapes: $38.97

I’ve heard great things about how comfortable these shoes are, and I really want to try them out.


And because HOCKEY is in the air, Sabres T: $21



It’s National Yoga Month, and Yoga Accessories has some sweet buy one get one deals right now:

Yoga Mats are included in the Great Buy One, Get One Free items

2 mats for $13.99!




Has some SUPER cute scarfs for $7

It’s fall y’all!



I know lots of you have been waiting and looks like it’s your lucky month!

fabletics Canada

So those are the current awesome deals I’m aware of today. I hope you can use some if you wish!

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons and spreading the savings love.


Question of the Day: What’s your favorite ear buds?