Halloween Yoga

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Happy Halloween! How to spend the night before Halloween? With 50 other folks getting your Halloween Yoga on in an old church in a cemetery?


That’s how I spent last evening! I apologize for the weird grainy photos but I think they add to the eerrieness of this post.

Inside the Church

This was the 5th year for Halloween Yoga at the Point. I had plans to attend last year but ended up not being able to go last-minute. This year a few friends and I all went together. The church was beautiful inside and had a great vibe. Once we spread out our mats the evening picked up pretty quickly.

Three of my very favorite Yoga instructors led us through an hour-long practice filled with sun and moon salutations. You could feel the energy in the room.

yoga halloween

Once the yoga session was over there were snacks and wine. Let’s be honest I housed about two plates of food. I had just come from run club and didn’t eat dinner before our 4 miler and by 9pm my body was starving. There was some serious HANGER and RUNger going on.

Then everyone went upstairs for a spirit circle. Apparently the area is known to be VERY spirit alive. It was an interesting experience and my first time in one.


There was sage and lots of talk of white light and family members who had passed on.

It was the perfect way to spend the night before Halloween for a little adult fun. I wish I had gotten a photo of our group.

But we did have a chance to wish this pretty lady a very happy birthday! And a had a mini cupcake or two in her honor!


HUGE THANK YOUS to these ladies for making the evening happen! When I say I work with some of the best people in the world it’s the truth!

Y Ladies


Question of the Day: Have you ever been to Halloween Yoga? Or done a spirit circle? 



Almost 7 months ago to the day we cut out ties with the cable company. We returned our boxes and decided to find out what life was like with NO TV. Surprisingly we thought this was a unique concept but after announcing our cut we were shocked how many people, especially young people had done so as well.


Ours was more of a call to action that anything. We wanted to see what life would look like without TV. Weirdly life with no TV wasn’t that different from life with TV. We learned some surprising lessons along the way as well.

5 Lessons Learned from 6 months with NO Cable:


We learned VERY quickly that Netflix is amazing! Luckily for us we had a few non-disk playing Sony Playstations kicking around that we attached to our 2 main TV’s. Sometimes endless amounts of shows to choose from was overwhelming, but most of the time it was heavenly. We added accounts for each person in our house. There was a Dad, Mom and Kids channel. Granted mine was taken over by the boys and often suggested I would like watching Free Birds and other Disney movies. But all in all it was great, I spent my time watching House and Documentaries. Like ALL THE DOCUMENTARIES. I watching TINY, WWII secrets, EXIT through the gift shop, and those are just the most recent ones I remember.

2. TV is Often just Noise Filler: 

One of the reasons we got rid of our cable in the first place was because we only had 2 shows we watched. Every other time the TV was on it was background noise or filler for boredom. I THOUGHT this would be the first thing we noticed as a change without it. But instead we turned on music and even sometimes a movie.

3. WE bought MORE Movies: 

Cable allowed us a chance to rent a movie for a few dollars, it was quick and convient and we used it a LOT! Without cable we ended up buying a few movies from the Playstation Network including Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A movie we have watched at least 50 times for our $15 purchase. At first I was like WHOA! $15 for a movie, but it still was cheaper than cable each month for something we were going to watch again and again. Sadly they weren’t all hits, we also bought The Conjuring which was only watched twice.  We also purchased the DVD of The Lego Movie which was watched till the point of memorization.

4. We got CRAFTY. 

Luckily for us our favorite sport NHL Hockey was mostly on break while we were broken up with cable. We did watch a few playoff games on the computer but other than that we weren’t missing sports. So live sports weren’t an issue. For me SUITS was a show I HAD to watch. I ended up catching up with episodes using my free version of HULU. Sure I had to avoid spoilers since I was watching the shows weeks after they had aired. And I had to avoid tweets from USASuits when they tweeted to me because I wasn’t caught up. But I managed to see the episodes I wanted. For other shows we got crafty. We went out for football games, visited family during must see TV times. I’m sure if we had dug deeper on the internet we could have found everything we wanted but I’m not a fan of malware and spam so I resisted the urge.

5. My Kids Prefer Netflix: 

*Spoiler Alert: In order to enjoy our prized favorite show The Walking Dead we added our Cable back this month, switching companies and getting a great deal. (Loyalty is so disregarded now days it makes me sad, I’ve switched, our cell phones, car insurance and cable all because I could get a CRAZY better deal being new somewhere rather than with companies I had been with for 10+ years, that’s a topic for another day but makes me sad nonetheless)*


The strangest thing for me is the fact that my children even with 500 channels of entertainment on cable STILL will ask for Netflix to be put on so they can watch what they want. I thought my youngest would quickly be drawn back into Disney Jr. but so far it hasn’t stuck. He prefers Netflix where he can choose to watch Power Rangers or Caillou. And weirdly I find myself turning Netflix on as well when I want to watch endless episodes of House, or a great documentary.


I really thought I would see a huge change in the way our days went. Maybe rather than having the TV on a night we would have more family time. Don’t get me wrong we played way more board games and spent more time outside this summer since there wasn’t the lure of TV. But it wasn’t as significant as I thought. The truth is life without cable wasn’t much different than life with cable. I missed turning the news on in the morning and listening to it rather than having to read it but again that’s not Earth shattering. If I really wanted to watch something sure I could dig a little deeper on the internet and find it, it took more time but still resulted in the same outcome.

I missed watching breaking news on TV and there were a few times when I felt like turning on a TV and flipping through channels was more relaxing than flipping through Netflix. But again not big things.  HBO shows were the only place I really left the pinch but with their new offerings for HBOGO I doubt watching their shows would even be an issue anymore.

I think I could do just fine without cable. In fact for 6 months I did. Sure I had to actively seek out news and other interesting and timely topics but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Seriously getting back cable in October with 35863458634583465 political ads all telling me how AWFUL each candidate is almost made me turn the whole thing back off. Do those ads work? I don’t understand it?

So the short truth really is life with cable is no different than life without cable. And I would be LOST without internet access.

Since I’m rambling I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons today!

Question of the Day: Tell me your thoughts! 


This week my husband and I were treated to a dinning experience at Bonefish Grill. You may remember we had a similar event last year.

bonefish grill

Fall is a magical combination of flavors and makes for some of my favorite dishes. With my renewed faith in cooking fish. I was excited to try out the new flavors that Bonefish is offering for fall. There is nothing like a little tastebud inspiration to get the creative cooking juices flowing. Luckily for us Bonefish delivered on flavor!

We arrived a bit later than our reservation time, thanks to some last-minute kid issues. And were quickly ushered right to our table upon arrival. I was hoping to have a little time at the bar prior to seating but that wasn’t in the cards.

We were quickly greeted by our waitress and ordered our drinks as we mulled over the specials. I say mulled because I was starving and seriously wanted 5 of them all. I ordered a glass of white wine and the husband went with a domestic beer.

Bonefish Wine

Our first order IS ALWAYS the Bang Bang Shrimp. If you’ve never been to Bonefish Grill I need you to go RIGHT NOW and order this. You’ll thank me later. It’s a staple dish and one that always pleases.

Bang Bang Shrimp

As we enjoyed our appetizer I was still trying to decide on a meal choice. The pumpkin ravioli was screaming my name and also that DOES say Bacon Jam. So you can see I had a tough time choosing.

Bone Fish Fall specials

I ended up in a last-minute you must decide decision going with the Malbec Marinated Steak and Shrimp. Troy went with the Scallops and Shrimp with a herb pesto sauce.

Our dinners came with spaghetti squash topped with a little brown sugar which was fresh and delicious. And helped feed my current spaghetti squash obsession. I went with the garlic potatoes side and couldn’t have been happier about my choice. The shrimp was fire grilled and complimented the deep flavors in the Malbec. I would gladly eat this every single day.

Malbec Steak and Shrimp

Troy’s scallops and shrimp were perfectly cooked and the herb pesto sauce just made the dish. I tried to get him to order the pumpkin ravioli but he wasn’t digging it. His meal was pretty fantastic, I know because we ended up sharing with each other about half way through. Just two love birds sharing food in a restaurant of people. When the food is THIS good no one seemed to mind ;) Scallops and Shrimp

I always try to order the specials at restaurants, they are one of a kind and almost always top anything on the regular menu and the fall crush menu at Bonefish is no exception. I will be back soon to try the pumpkin ravioli and I really want some bacon jam as well.


So local friends who wants to go to dinner next week? I want to go back here and try ALL the Fall specials!  Just remind me to save room for dessert, since I was too full on this trip to fit it in.

After we enjoyed our meals right down to the last bite. The manager came over to check on us and get our feedback on our food. Obviously we had nothing but glowing recommendations and plans to come back again. I’m impressed each time we go to Bonefish Grill that they seem to step up their game. These seasonal dishes perfectly encompass fall flavors and left me thinking about them for days after.

The Fall Crush menu is available NOW at your local Bonefish Grill. For my locals our location is in Fayetteville you can find hours and menu specials here. Hurry in since these specials are ONLY through November 17th. 


Thank you to Bonefish Grill  for the fantastic evening! We will be back soon I promise.

Question of the day: Do you always order specials or off the regular menu?