The Pace of Crazy

by Renee on July 31, 2015 · 1 comment

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Happy Friday! We have an insane weekend planned that includes waterparks, more home remodeling and running. Literally the pace of our crazy is getting out of control. Settle in this could get long…let’s pretend this fizzy drink is loaded with alcohol and hang out. Sparkling Water Mix

That drink… not one ounce of alcohol, But it does contain lots of watermelon juice and cherry fizz hint water. I’m calling it my summer not super splash. It’s the drink I most crave at 7pm when my feet find themselves on the couch in a most comfortable position. It’s sweet, it’s girly…heck it’s like I tried.

On the fitness front I’m slowly crawling out of my hole. I managed to get in a workout everyday this week…who am I?

Crow with a Bosu

I like to think to think Betty has been aiding in my new-found passion. Let’s hope this sticks. I don’t know about you but I lose all motivation in the summer. And my belly is starting to show. I need less sugar and more sweat.

Speaking of motivation I’m running the Welch Allyn 5k tomorrow. Let’s hope I can pull myself together this year and not finish in tears. Fingers crossed.

Welch Allyn 5k

Although this summer my son isn’t having endless surgeries like last summer, so I’m thinking my brain will be more able to deal with the heat.

Siggi’s was a sponsor of Blogfest and ended up,  hooking us up with free samples. It was my first time having them and they were surprisingly good.
Siggis Yogurt

I probably shouldn’t say surprising but I mean this yogurt is MUCH different from all the other kinds I’ve tried it’s almost creamy. Short story: they are fantastic run don’t walk to the store and pick some up. I’ve been using them for my after workout protein shakes.

Yes on more than 3 occasions this week I have gotten up early enough to see the sky look like this. 5:30am runs are actually quite peaceful but…..

morning run

I miss my treadmill. The comfort of the treadmill at 5:30am is no one sees you, which means I wear whatever. Outside there is the challenge that I have to look mildly presentable. The backroom my treadmill has called home for years is currently looking more like this:


Beautiful right? Ah the joys of owning an old home. Excuse the crappy photo but you have no idea what a waste of space this area was before. Those are two of the new windows. I can’t wait till this project is complete, we’ve been kinda pokey with it. But are determined to have it finished up by winter. Maybe I can show you some after pictures this time rather than just random progress photos?! Maybe? When I say *we* I mean my super talented husband. I’m a holder, and a watcher. and I offer sarcastic comments while he works, we all have a purpose.

You might remember how good I was at demo when we first started this project:

Home remodeling

Looking for a new way to get sweaty? Check out this Bosu Blast:

Bosu 500 Workout

I’ve done it several times this week…twice in my house and once out in the sunshine. There is something about an outdoor workout…it just feels more real to me.

Outdoor workout

Have you had a starbucks iced anything lately? I couldn’t help myself yesterday and thought the sunglasses on the cup were adorable.

iced coffeeAnd thank you to this song that had been rocking my week:

Great for spin and summer driving with the windows down!

I’m linking up today with these ladies: Jill Coyners and Life in Leggings.

Question of the Day: What’s your Favorite thing this  week? 

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Bosu Madness {workout}

by Renee on July 29, 2015 · 18 comments

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I’ve got the madness…the fever…the Bosu Love. I’ve always loved the bosu, but prior to this week I’ve only had one to use at the gym.

Bosu workout

Please help me in welcoming Bosu Betty to the Bendiful family. She’s a pretty pink and green Bosu that can’t wait to kick my ass endlessly! And trust me my lack luster workouts are starting to show in my midline.
Welcome Betty Bosu

BUT no worries, It’s Wild Workout Wednesday so let’s get busy!

Sometimes I just need a kick your booty, sweat on the floor workout and this one is IT! Lately I’ve been craving them. My diet has been all over the place and between home remodeling projects and my inability to wake up early I’ve needed a new way to energize my workouts. I think BETTY is the perfect way to get me back in the game.

Bosu 500 Workout

I powered through this workout Sunday morning and was feeling the burn right into Monday. It’s a good mix of full body work, and might even be a little leg heavy. You will need one set of weights for this workout. And of course if you are new to the balance element of the Bosu ball you may want to go sans weights the first time out.

Need explanations of the moves or looking for additional moves check out these 41 bosu moves. 

Me and the Bosu

Question of the Day: or blue which do you choose?

Want More? Try this Bosu Full Body Blast as well:

Bosu Blast Workout



It’s EVERYWHERE and lately it seems in everything. Protein. So what is this magical buzz word that seems to be surging in popularity recently.

Protein what to know

Proteins are large biological molecules, or macromolecules, consisting of one or more long chains of amino acids. That sounds very scientific. I’ve always held that proteins are where power comes from in the body.

Proteins are found in every cell and tissue within the body. Each has a specific function that aids in body functions. And here we thought they just gave us big muscles!

There are some differing opinions on how much protein a person needs to be eating but a safe bet is that 15- 20 percent of your daily diet should come in the form of protein.

People tend to get hung up on red meat as the one and only place to get protein in their diet but really nothing is further from the truth. Although I do crave a steak and big juicy burger when my body needs a little power. Proteins can be found in TONS of foods including eggs, quinoa, chia seeds and green peas.foods high in protein

At ideaworld we learned that some celeb trainers encourage their athletes to consume 20 grams of protein after a workout. There is sooo much information about when and how much protein to eat before and after workouts. I’m not a nutritionist or an RN so I’m just sharing with you my tips for protein in my own diet.

I find on days I start my morning with protein I tend to make better food choices all day long. For me mornings start with EGGS! Whether scrambled, hard-boiled or poached,  I love a solid egg for breakfast. The protein keeps me full and starts my day on a good choice note.

Eggs and Salsa

For lunch I’m also a big fan of a protein mixed into a salad. Tuna, Red meat or chicken makes a great addition to a beautiful salad.


Sometimes though after a tough workout or a day when a salad isn’t enough to sustain me I like to add in additional forms of protein.

A solid protein smoothie with the added benefit of greek yogurt (also high in protein) and some fruit usually does the trick. My favorite is a Raspberry Chocolate Smoothieskoop 2 I also will prep up some protein balls for nibbling right after a tough workout.  These Date and Almond bites always hit the spot.

Date Protein Balls

For dinner I *try* to make sure I have at least one solid serving of protein. Although I’ll admit it’s usually some form of Chicken since it’s easy to feed to the family. But other ways to get creative include:

Cilantro Meatballs

Ginger Lemon Bay Scallops


Stuffed Spaghetti Squash


Chessy Butternut Squash BakeProteins help each and every cell in your body complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. Be sure you’re getting enough in your diet.

**Please note I’m not a nutritionist and I don’t play one on TV, so this is just some helpful information I’m lending to you from my everyday life.**

Question of the Day: How much protein do you eat? Do you eat protein right after a tough workout?