The Little Extra Push

by Renee on April 24, 2014 · 1 comment

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Oye! So after a great training week last week, this week my legs hate me and are not cooperating. Since the weather was beautiful and by beautiful I mean there was sunshine I decided to take it to the park near my house. There is a big loop that works out to be just about 1 mile for two laps. I can’t decide if it’s just the world’s most boring loop or if I have drained every ounce of my fun running energy but 3 laps around that sucker and I’m completely checked out.

I forced a 4th lap coming in just under 2 miles and from there decided to tackle this hill:

Hill Sprints

Hill sprints seemed like a great way to break up the boring and awful track.  So for the next 3 miles I ran one boring loop with a sprint down and back up this hill. Gave myself some walking breaks after the sprints and called it a day. I hate when runs are a struggle and this one was anything but smooth. I was a sweaty and disgusting mess but I got it done.

I took a yoga class yesterday which left amazing after the tightness from the sprints. We worked on shoulder stands. Not my favorite yoga inversions but challenging just the same. We worked on opening up our third eye. And this was the exact moment I realized that I am third eye blind. And not in the clever way that 90′s alternative band was but in the way that I seem to lack the third eye knowledge. Just another part of my practice I can work on. Any yogis have any tips?

Yoga rolled out and weights.jpg

After the relaxation of yoga and with the bitterness of that crappy run from the day before still in my head.  I challenged myself to a 5k just to see what would happen. This time I dreadmilled it. And although it wasn’t a comfortable run it wasn’t the disaster of the day before. It’s amazing what a little extra push can do for your soul…see that down there? It’s a sweaty smile :)


In exciting other news I’ve been eating copious amounts of pineapples and strawberries lately. It’s a great combination, almost as sweet as Easter Candy… almost ;)


I also ordered some more ghee! I had tried another brand, that I found at a local store,  but didn’t like it as much as this one:

Pure Indian Foods Ghee

And I’m of course considering another round of Whole30, I started rereading the book again to get my brain back on board. My hope is to start after the Mountain Goat Run. May 5th sounds like a good day to me!

CONGRATULATIONS to my BOSTON MARKET $100 Gift Card Winner: BETH F. Thanks everyone for entering. I’ve got a few more giveaways coming up soon!


Speaking of May 5th if you are in the Syracuse/Central New York Area and have twitter come on out and join us for the #SYRtweetup. We are bringing back 2009 like Justin Timberlake brought Sexy Back.


Bring your phone and let’s all meet in real life!


Question of the Day: Ever been to a Meetup/Tweet up? 

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Earth Day 2014 – Get Fitness Green

by Renee on April 22, 2014 · 4 comments

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Happy Earth Day 2014! Today is a great day to think about how going green can even be applied to fitness, not just on Earth Day but everyday.

going fitness Green.jpg

There are easy ways to celebrate Earth Day like running or walking to work or school rather than taking the car. But there are also a number of other not so obvious ways to make the planet a better place today all while getting your fitness on!

Simple steps to make your fitness GREEN:


1. STOP using Water Bottles

Well at least stop using the non reusable kind. Invest in a quality waterbottle that you can refill endlessly. Some of my favorites include the CamelBak and if you prefer the taste of water from glass I would also suggest the Takeya Glass bottle from Gaiam.


Takeya Glass

2. Reuse/Reduce Laundry:

If you are anything like me you have 3 piles of clothing in your to-do pile. Lights, Darks and Workout clothes. And usually my workout clothes pile is the tallest pile. Next time you go to throw in a load consider some energy-saving tips. Sometimes for less intense classes you might be able to re-wear a top or tank for another workout. If that isn’t really an option be sure to wash your workout clothes in cold water and to save even more energy let your clothes air dry rather than turning on the dryer. Your clothes will last longer and it will help reduce your energy usage.


3. Donate Your Old Running Shoes:

Sure you’ve gotten all you can out of your running sneakers but did you know your shoes can be used after you’re done with them to help those in need? There are many charities that recycle used running shoes and use the proceeds to help those in need. I donate my sneakers each and every year at the Warrior Dash. But that isn’t the only way you can give here are a few other examples:


Green Sneakers

Nike Re-Use a Shoe

Give Your Soul


4. Plant a Garden

Part of heathy living and reaching health and fitness goals is fueling your body with proper food. Planting a garden not only helps lower your carbon footprint but also provides you and your family a source of nutritious locally grown herbs and vegetables. Fuel your fitness and plant a garden even a small herb garden can be kept in an apartment window.

Wall Herb Garden

5. Get Outside

Take your fitness to the great outdoors! Tabata classes, running, walking, biking, yoga,skipping, swimming even kayaking are all great ways to get a workout in the outdoors. Working out outside helps save energy by reducing the amount of air conditioning being run and lights that are on. Plus working outside gives you a perk with fresh air and sunshine. Be sure to wear sunscreen and hydrate. An outdoor workout rather than an indoor one is a great way to easily take your fitness to the next level of GREEN.



Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Waterbottle? What is your LEAST favorite outdoor workout? 


The Photo Review

by Renee on April 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Weeks when the boys are off from school and we don’t have hard vacations plans usually turn into a big blur of days and activities. Last week was no exception. The only activity I promised the boys  we would do that we didn’t find time for was rock climbing. Other than that it was a week full of hustle and bustle. I taught 10 group fitness classes last week which also helped the week fly by.

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Here is the week that was in photos:

We took in the first nice day to visit the zoo. I’m not sure the only animals were behind fences. ;)

Zoo RB.jpg

fish at zoo.jpg

After some dentist appointments and other housekeeping we took two other “trips” during the week. One to the bounce house and another to the Carousel at DestiNY.

Carousel .jpg

And let’s not forget about this pretty lady, we played endless hours of fetch and other fun games. She’s had cabin fever, I think she enjoyed getting out and stretching her legs.

bella fetch.jpg

We went out to dinner at one of our favorite family spots Garage Eatz, on Good Friday. I had the fish and mac for the first time and OH MAN it was heavenly.

fish and mac.jpg

I also enjoyed some fantastic Magic Hat #9:

Magic Hat Beer.jpg

Speaking of drinks, I also tried out Karma Wellness Water for the first time this week. It was pretty good. You press down the top which releases the flavoring into the water…after all my long runs this week it was nice to hydrate with something that was water but even better. This was the only flavor the store had but now I want to try the other flavors.

Karma Wellness Water.jpg

Our Easter plans changed which didn’t leave me time to run the Springtime 10k before heading out-of-town, so instead I ran my own 10k around town.

This week is the first week in over a year, I’ve run 25 miles in a week. My legs are a fan of all this new mileage. And I think my new Embrace the Hills shirt from Sarah helped push me through this run. It was sunny when I started running and then just got cloudy and overcast.

Lake 10k.jpg

This was a popular scene…. what’s up running shoes?


We ended up travelling to my parents house for Easter! The kids were all excited about the major egg hunt and getting to hang out with each other. It’s been a few months since we have made the trip. Look at all their loot!

Easter Egg Hunt.jpg

There were bonfires and nature walks at camp: Camp walks.jpg

And these cool rocks whatever they are:

Pretty rocks.jpg

I’m playing catch up today. It’s my least favorite game but is necessary.

I’m also going to try to watch some of the Marathon today. #BostonStrong


Have a great Monday everyone!

Question of the Day: How was your weekend?  Are you watching Boston today?