Another month has come and gone….Wait, wasn’t it JUST April 1st?  The days seem to be flying by which has me a little sad. Next week we take my baby boy to open house at Kindergarten (cue the mom tears) Five years has certainly flown by and this little guy is ready to peace out on his own…

Broc with Annie's Bunnies

He’s totally ready for school. We only had daily fights last summer about the fact he couldn’t go to Kindergarten until he was five. I think he’s been counting down the days ever since. He’s my no-nonsense child, 5 going on 25.

I can’t wait to hear all about the kindergarten experience through his eyes. In case you missed it this is the same little boy who told the magical story of Easter… you know the one where Jesus dies on a stick but then comes back to life, like a zombie. And the same little guy who brought this home today:

Preschooler a Party- Ninjas

Because nothing says PARTY like Ninjas! Amiright? :)

Ok enough mommy tears…And thinking out loud. Today is the day for the April #fabulousfitgear swap reveal and link up!


Fabulous Fit Fear Swap

This month I was matched up with the lovely D.C. runner Beth! She is the blogger behind Bolting Butterfly. You should head on over and give her a read!

She sent me some SUPER #fabulousfitgear including socks! I’m a sock girl it’s well documented, running in fun socks always makes you run faster. That’s a Reneé proven fact, it has no scientific basis but is always true in my mind. She also sent me these really cute braided headbands.

April fabulousfitgear

I instantly placed the socks on my feet. Isn’t that what everyone does the minute they receive some? I loved the funky colors which completely match my fitness workout gear.

Reebok Socks And there were 6 pairs! One for every day of the week…and one day left for barefoot yoga ;)

Reebok Socks 2
Thanks so much Beth for the awesome #fabulousfitgear! I hope you liked what I sent to you, you can see that over on her blog!  Check out the link-ups below and see what everyone received. Then sign up for next month!

Also if you haven’t yet enter my contest to win a pair of ChampionCSX compression socks there is also a 15% off discount when you use the code BENDIFUL at checkout!


The Fabulous Fit Gear Swap! Readers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts alike sign up today for May!

So how does it work? 

  • Each month you can sign up for the gear swap. You will be matched with another swapper. You will purchase $20 worth of gear that you think your swapper would like. (if they are into YOGA DO NOT buy them Crossfit gear, please)  It’s a great way to share your favorite items with people who are also interested in great gear.
  • You MUST sign up through the form by the 5th of the month, and agree to ship your gear out by the 15th of the month.
  • You will email your match and get an idea of their workout gear likes and dislikes, ask for sizing if you plan to look for apparel, no one wants gear that doesn’t fit.
  • The Best part YOU will also receive a package each month from your match!
  • Get great gear and meet some new friends throughout the month.
  • CURRENTLY ONLY open to people in the United States.
  • On the last day of the month, you can share (Blog, tweet, facebook, instagram) your new fit gear with the hashtag #fabulousfitgear
  • I will host a blog link up here at for all the blog posts!


Fabulous Fit Gear Swap small



I feel like after a month of off schedules I’m finally getting my workouts back on track! Thank heavens for small miracles!

A few weeks ago Champion CSX Sports Socks  reached out and wondered if I would be willing to try out their compression socks…yes please sign me up! I never knew how much a girl could love a good pair of socks until I became a runner.

Champion CSX socks 2

The day they arrived I was literally in tears of happiness as I rushed home after a brutal 4 miler to get them on my calves. And WOW! It’s amazing to me the instant relief that comes with a solid pair of compression socks. I could feel the tightness in my calves almost melting away as I wore them.

I received the X 200 20-30 mmhg in pink on black ($49). And have been rocking them for all sorts of runs and recovery.

Champion CSX socks

I’ve been asked more times than I can count what is the purpose of compression socks. And do they help? Short answer, buy them now and YES! But seriously…

Compression socks provide graduated compression, meaning the compression is higher (tighter) at the foot and ankle and lower (looser) as it moves up the calf and lower leg. This type of compression helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in returning blood to your heart. (source) Which helps lessen fatigue during your workout and help with recovery after.

outside running shot

I really liked these socks. They felt comfortable on my foot and stayed in place really well. The seamless toe is a great touch on these socks and kept my toes happy.

CSX Compression Socks

I’ve used them for recovery as well as runs and a few cycling classes and like how well they work. A great fit and they wash well. I hate when new socks don’t still feel new after one wash…these felt amazing after the first wash and beyond.

Bikers, runners and walkers alike will like the feel and color options of these socks. Red, Silver, Black, Green, Blue name a color and they have one for you!

Today I’m sharing with you a fun little workout I designed along with my new Champion CSX socks. This little running number is great way to get in 3 miles and some various body weight exercises.

CSX WorkoutWorkout links up: Wild Wednesday Workout, Wow Workout Wednesdays

The best part of ALL? Champions CSX was kind enough to give me a pair to their kickin’ butt compression socks to giveaway! Please enter the giveaway through the widget below. I will announce the winner on my facebook page next week.

AND you can get 15% off your Purchase when you use the code: BENDIFUL at checkout now through May 31st! Hurry on over running season is in full swing your legs will thank you :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Question of the Day: Are you more of a during workout compression socks wearer or a recovery? 


Olive to Eat Olives

by Renee on April 28, 2015 · 4 comments

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As if the title of this post didn’t give it away…guys I’m in a serious new phase of obsession with olives.

Tri Color Olives

Last Sunday I went to the grocery store with NO idea what I was going to meal prep for the week.  I knew I wanted something different but just wandered the store till I figured out what that was. Then I walked out of the grocery store with no less than 3 pounds of olives.  Darn you Wegmans Olive Bar! Salty and sweet all at the same time, I’m obsessed with them! Kalamata are my current favorite, but in a quest for the win green olives are having a strong showing. :)

I’m getting creative with how to eat them. I made an entire batch of anipasto salad. It was just an excuse to say I was eating something other than straight olives.

antipasto salad with Olives

Because taking just olives for lunch would be a little weird right? But an Anipasto sounds more appropriate.

I’ve been adding them to salads and pizza and anything else I can find.

HUGE Salad

Mezzetta Appitizers


{Recipe can be found here}

Although it was kinda sad when I realized I can’t fit olives on my fingers anymore…


Not my own gif but still hilarious!

Mezzetta Italian Olive Antipasto

I’ve also discovered that adding some olives to my lunch salads means I don’t need any additional dressing!

Olive Salad 2

The Olives themselves add the perfect punch of flavor and just enough oil and seasoning to make my greens good! Olive Salad

I love foods that can double as dressings!

So this post is an ode to my new love….Olives.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite kind of olive? Do you like Olives?