*This is a sponsored post for iherb.com, I was provided product, all opinions are my own, and I happen to think this is a pretty kick butt service so I’m sharing the word with you*Iherb shopping spree

Sometimes I seriously dread heading to the grocery store. Mostly because it means a 20 minute struggle with my boys about what we are and are not buying. Sure those surgery cereals look fun from the box of colorful magic, but I hate feeding them to my kids. Have you ever tried to convince a 4 year old the less exciting box is better for you. Kids are all about visuals, the struggle is real.

It’s my job to keep our house filled with healthy options, that nourish all the bodies and minds in it. Since I’ve been eating more paleo and whole30 meals, I have struggles of my own. My grocery store hasn’t been stocking coconut aminos and finding ghee has also become harder than usual.


So a few weeks ago I was contacted by iherb.com and asked about trying out their shopping service. I was all about it. A great place to shop for healthy products where I will know instantly whether they are in stock? SIGN ME UP.

I seriously spent hours shopping the site. They had so much! I wanted three of everything. From teas to essential oils to everything in between. And so many products I’ve been actively looking for in my limited selection grocery store. Not just herbs and spices, but ghee coconut oils vegan non GMO foods, gluten free AND beauty products that feature cruelty-free.

I ended picking out some fantastic products including:

iherb haul 2

Back to Nature Chocolate Chip cookes, Yogi tea, Annies White cheddar bunnies and graham crackers, Larabars, Coconut aminos, ghee, Calendula oil, Lemon Essential oils, NuttZo, Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Flour and Almond flour. Basically it was a whole box of awesome!

The bunnies were a big hit with this guy, they barely made it out of the box before they were snagged up!

Broc with Annie's Bunnies

I’ve been doing my baking with my almond flour and so far so good!

Almond Flour Muffins

 iherb.com has helped me feed and care for my family with healthy options and will be giving TWO of YOU my lucky readers a chance to do the same with a $50 shopping spree! 

This contest is INTERNATIONAL and is open to ALL my readers! Enter through the Rafflecopter wideget below.

Important things to note: 

• Winners MUST REGISTER to iHerb to claim their prize.

• We offer FREE Shipping to US Customers for orders over $20.

• Shipping will be taken care of for both US and non-US winners. International winners are responsible for any additional taxes/duties/brokerage fees levied to them by their Customs Agency and/or Postal Service.

• International readers check to see if iHerb ships to your specific country, go to iherb.com, add a product to the shopping cart and click the “Country” drop down menu to see if their country is  listed.

And for all of you get $10 off your first order of $40 or more by using this code PMS478




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iherb haul

Question of the Day: What would you order from iherb.com? 


My Best Friend’s Wedding

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I’ve been waiting to use this blog title since…..oh forever! And this weekend my best friend since kindergarten got married!

Fall wedding Ideas

It was a wonderful day for this lovely couple, Congratulations to Tom & Amanda. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. We had so much fun the fall, Syracuse University colored themed wedding.

Tom and Amanda

I was a bridesmaid, and could tell I was slightly out of practice. And I had forgotten how hard it is to stand in high heels for close to an hour in front of people. My only goal was to not fall off the step! Luckily I kept it together and even got a shout out in the wedding vows. My husband and I introduced Tom and Amanda, and got a little mention in their wedding vows. Awww

Amanda and I

After the wedding and all the photos we headed to the reception. Where this guy held it DOWN for best suit jacket of the night.

Dan SU jacket

My parents were invited as well,  so we had a great time with them. Sometimes a little too much fun ;)

Amandas wedding

Even at the end of the evening I was still rocking my orange shoes. I’m 100% sure I will wear these again. Look out for me at the next SU game. I’m rocking these.

Dress and Shoes

After dinner, drinks and dancing and some cheesecake we called it an evening.

Troy and I

Question of the Day: How was your weekend? 


Spinning Music { 30 minute }

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Since I haven’t been sharing much in the way of workouts lately and you’ve been requesting them. This fitness Friday,  I’m sharing with you what I’ve been tourtuing playing in my classes this week.


This week is the ultimate in race rides! We’ve been plugging along for 9 weeks and now it’s time to get sweaty and test our legs for all the work we’ve put in. Truthfully intervals and race lists are my favorite because I think they are the easiest to find music for. I wanna rock out,  find a jam and roll my feet to the beat.

I struggle on recovery weeks, my legs want to go fast but the recovery is what makes for growth and strength. I don’t always clearly outline for my classes what week they are in. I keep my own schedule that keeps track of what we are doing but only really share when asked. Usually that occurs on recovery rides when someone after class will say wow it wasn’t as upbeat as usual today. I know they don’t mean it personally but sometimes recovery rides can be a bit dull. We are keeping our heart rates fixed. And riding in the saddle more than in everyone favorite rides the intervals.

spin- 30 mins

This ride is pretty straight forward. It’s quick the only sprints are the end and the Tabata Song.


Speaking of recovery ride this song has found its way on to each and every one of mine:

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite song in Spin class currently?