Healthy Packed Lunches

by Renee on March 31, 2015 · 3 comments

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Let’s talk LUNCH!

One challenge I seem to have forgotten about working at an office is what to do for lunch. A lot has changed for me over the past few years. Working from home, had its perks like say being able to make my lunches when it was lunch time.

whole30 Salad

Now I’m taking those lunches to go. Making salads and things at night is hard for me because then I just want to eat them as soon as I make them.

The last time I worked in an office, I never took my lunch, which led to bad habits like eating crap EVERYDAY and basically relying on fast food. Now I know better. I really try to focus on eating whole foods and one SURE fire way to watch what I’m eating and avoid soy is to pack my own healthy lunches. Like the salad above.

Shrimp Cocktail Lunch

Shrimp cocktail with horseradish and carrots has been one of my favorites. I had it twice last week. Also please note the hard-boiled egg. I eat one for lunch everyday. Packed with protein and easy to eat they make the perfect addition to any lunch.

My other duplicate lunches have been grilled chicken with salsa and coconut amino sautéed green beans. Of course had a hard-boiled egg on the side with this one too!

Chicken Green Beans

I’ve started meal prepping hard core again to keep the family on task as well as make my mornings easier to get out the door.

I treaded myself to a day off of food prep and enjoyed some of Wegmans sushi. Seriously what was life like before Wegmans had sushi? It’s quickly become my go to for a quick “something different” dinner, or in this case lunch.

Sushi Wegmans

Last week ShurkyJurky sent me some fabulous whole30 approved beef jerky to try out and it’s seriously some of the best I’ve ever had.


I keep it in my bag now for snacking throughout the day!

I’ve also packed myself some halos and Luna bars for snacks in case I need them.

Luna Bar

This week I’ve prepped up even more chicken and green beans but I’m also going to add to the rotation this whole 30 approved chicken salad! 

W30 Apple Chicken Salad

Perfectly packed in a pepper I can’t wait to dig into this…again after I make them I just want to eat them. The struggle is real.

As you can tell I’m not a big fan of sandwiches. I like to create quick, healthy and heatless meals that can be mobile. Sometimes it’s just nice to get outside with food that doesn’t require a microwave.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite go-to packed lunch? What are you eating lately?


Spring? It’s me, Renee’ can you hear me? Are you there?


It’s almost April people what is happening? Usually by this time of year I’m planning out my gardens and taking daily outdoor runs. Yesterday I froze hands off walking my dog, just a mile. I’m not equipped to handle never-ending winter. I like flip-flops and tank tops! tut_inspiralize_carouselimage

Since Spring REFUSES to hear my requests I’m lucky that Tuttorosso Tomatoes is helping usher in Spring with their new Inspiralize the Spring contest and giveaway!

Tuttorosso Plum Tomatoes

So even if I can’t enjoy spring temperatures I can break out my Zoodle-er and pretend spring has arrived.


Seriously if you’ve been looking for a new way to get creative with healthy cooking, making your favorite fruits and veggies into noodles is a great place to start. During the Promotion you can enter to win Ali Maffucci’s new cookbook Inspiralized from her blog of the same name.

And you can enter to win these great prizes:

  • A chance to win  1 of 750 Tuttorosso® Aprons
  • A chance to win 1 of 15 copies of Ali’s new cookbook, Inspiralized
  • A chance to win 1 of 60 official spiralizers: The Inspiralizer (the official spiralizer of Inspiralized)
  • One Grand Prize winner will be awarded the following prize package worth approximately $500:
    • One (1) Windsor Classic Willow Deluxe picnic basket including service for 4
    • One (1) Inspiralized® official spiralizer: The Inspiralizer
    • One (1) Inspiralized cookbook by Ali Maffucci
    • One (1) Tuttorosso® Heirloom Wooden Spoon
    • One (1) Tuttorosso® Inspiralize the Spring Recipe Kit with our five (5) new recipes
    • Ali’s favorite kitchen gadgets personally selected by Ali of

You can enter through the Tuttorosso Tomatoes Facebook page daily now though April 15th.

I was inspired to break out my Spiralizer this weekend and create a healthy dinner using my favorite spiral blade B that creates great noodles from Zucchini.

Beet Tomato Zoodles 1

Using Zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and beets this recipe comes together quickly.


**This post is sponsored in part by Tuttorosso Tomatoes, all opinions are my own**

I’m linking up with Tina Muir and Confessions of a Mother Runner today for their Meatless Monday round up!


Question of the Day: Do you like Beets? Favorite way to eat them?



Yep you can sing it too ;)

Wild Workout Wednesday

Speaking of songs you can sing, have I told you how much I’m loving EVERYTHING Ellie Goulding lately? This song played 3 times on my half playlist. It’s my new jam.

Also I’m working towards her abs! I’ve got some work to do.

Today I’m linking with with Annmarie from The Fitfoodie Mama and sharing with you a home workout I’ve been busting out in the mornings before work. It’s a quick way to get in a sweat-fest that makes my booty quiver.

booty blast workout

By the last 8 reps of that workout I want to cry.

Since I don’t have a race currently planned to be training for I’m moving my workouts to TABATA, Yoga and weights. I need a little break from the cardio to wean back out my middle.

I’m finding myself more and more on the fence about the Triathalons I’ve signed up for this summer. I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about them.

A conversation about Thai food reminded me it’s been FAR too long since I made my homemade version and it’s a good time to bring it back into the rotation.

Pad Thai

Easy Pad Thai  or you can try this Whole 30 version Pad Thai:

W30 Chicken Pad Thai

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Thai Dish? Please tell me other people remember the Booty Work song from Pitch Perfect? When is that movie sequel coming out already?