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Hey everyone! Happy first day of March. I’m sooo excited that the first month of the Fabulous Fit Swap is in the books!

Fabulous Fit Fear Swap


This month I was partnered with my Julie. And it’s like she was reading my mind. You guys know I have mad love for my fitbit. Even if lately I’m horrible about keeping it charged.  I lost my fitbit a few weeks ago for almost an entire day when the bracelet fell off. Luckily, no really SUPER lucky for me I found the bracelet in my car trunk of all places. But it got me thinking about why the bracelet can come off that easily in the first place.

Well Julie my swap partner hooked me up!

fench bull flex

I love this band for my fitbit flex. It’s more like a traditional watch band so it won’t come unclipped and fall off! Plus HELLO look at the fun colors and pattern.

I love this band. It’s an almost silicon strap so it has enough give for tough workouts but is strong and girly enough to make me feel pretty while wearing it. And it doesn’t stand out as much as the traditional fitbit flex bands!

Thanks Julie for the hook up! I love my swap gift!

So how does the Fabulous Fit Gear Swap work?

The Fabulous Fit Gear Swap! Readers, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts alike sign up today for the March Swap!

So how does it work? 

  • Each month you can sign up for the gear swap. You will be matched with another swapper. You will purchase $20 worth of gear that you think your swapper would like. (if they are into YOGA DO NOT buy them Crossfit gear, please)  It’s a great way to share your favorite items with people who are also interested in great gear.
  • You MUST sign up through the form by the 5th of the month, and agree to ship your gear out by the 15th of the month.
  • You will email your match and get an idea of their workout gear likes and dislikes, ask for sizing if you plan to look for apparel, no one wants gear that doesn’t fit.
  • The Best part YOU will also receive a package each month from your match!
  • Get great gear and meet some new friends throughout the month.
  • CURRENTLY ONLY open to people in the United States.
  • On the last day of the month, you can share (Blog, tweet, facebook, instagram) your new fit gear with the hashtag #fabulousfitgear
  • I will host a blog link up here at for all the blog posts!

Fabulous Fit Gear Swap small

Join us for March’s swap? Sign up here.

Bloggers add your February blog links here:


If you’ve been following along on instagram you know I’ve taken the #taketheleap challenge and have been a busy little yogi this month.

headstands inversions

Practicing almost daily. Even if it’s just for a few minutes at my house. Thanks Daily Burn for making it happen, when I can’t make it to a class.

It’s no secret around here I’ve fallen pretty hard over the past year for yoga in general and it wasn’t until recently that I’ve felt strong enough to really get into inversions.

Take the leap collage 1

I’m pretty rigid. And flexibility has never been a strong suit for me. I can remember being friends with girls when I was little who were always bending over into handstands and headstands. I would watch with excitement for them but never jumped in, that wasn’t really my style.

Lately I feel like I’m finding my inner 5-year-old. I love backbends, shoulder stands and headstands. Just seeing what I can do, how long I can hold it for. I’m getting more flexible. I’m finding muscles in my back I never knew I had, and my core is getting stronger.

Take the Leap 2

I’m still working with the wall to hold the poses and so I don’t break my body apart. And while the progress is slow it’s still progress.

crow Pose

My only regret was not starting yoga sooner. I kept saying it wasn’t a real workout and that I wasn’t flexible enough and yet the more yoga I do, the more in shape I get.

I really like this beginners inversion preps from the Yoga Journal it has great information for when and how to begin with your yoga journey into inversions.

And if you would like to join the #taketheleap Challenge there are still a few days left to join us, the best part is there is no predetermined poses for the day. So each day you post a photo of the pose that your practice led to you! I think that’s why I like it so much it’s really more about the journey and transitions than the poses themselves.

Question of the Day: Do practice inversions? Ever participate in a yoga challenge? When do you find yourself channeling your inner child? 





I’m bring back Terrific Tuesday Finds! My longer readers will remember that this was a staple back in the day. It includes a round-up of my favorite things from the week. So let’s dive in!

Terrific Tuesday Image


If you’ve been following along my pose of the day on instagram you know I’ve been actively participating in the Take the Leap 30 days yoga challenge as we are coming to an end, I’ve decided after consulting with my resident yoga guru ( Hey Courtney!) to try scorpion pose.


I’ll be working with the wall and am hoping to get a useful shot of this later this week. I’m nervous about this since I’ve never actually tried it before. Arms and core aren’t exactly my strongest body parts, so wish me luck.


{image source:}

Spring Fashions:

I’m all about this pink number.



RedPack Tomatoes:

It’s Chili season and I know I got through CRAZY amounts of tomatoes this time of year. Red Pack is celebrating Carnevale and giving YOU the chance to win. Enter here to win a pasta makers dream pack, and other daily prizes! I know so many people who have won their prize packs recently so be sure to sign up today.


I’ve also been enjoying this DELICIOUS recipe from their site:



Running Shoes:

So in the middle of a 6 mile run on Sunday I rubbed through the back of my favorite pair of running sneakers. Now I have a HUGE blister and a broken spirit. With only a month until the Syracuse Half, I’m trying to find a replacement shoe that I love. I thought about buying another pair of my current favorites but remembered I didn’t really start to LOVE them until they had a bunch of miles on them. So the Kinvara 5 from Saucony has been singing to me lately. Do I buy? Don’t I buy? Help me!



This company started following me on instagram and now I’m obsessed with everything they have, and they are all pretty affordable too! Darn it social media marketing works…who knew?

Skull ring- YES!


Mason jar necklaces, Sign me up:



Old Factory sent me candles to sample a few weeks ago. And so far I’m a huge fan. I opted for the fall harvest package scent that included cranberry, autumn leaves and pumpkin spice. The candles are Scented, Natural Soy Wax Candles. that are all made in the USA. They smell wonderful and burn really clean.

old factory Candles

The pumpkin spice scent just makes me crave pumpkin pie every time I light it. And the Cranberry is a new household favorite. Old factory Candles 2

Fitness Gear:

Did you guys know H&M has a fitness line? I just learned this last week from my friend Joy and was shocked to see all the great stuff they have at really affordable prices! Case in point….these pants! You can find all their offerings here.


SPRING: ( it seems to be a theme!)

It’s been a pretty bleak winter. It’s always below zero here and ALWAYS snowing. This picture I love and can’t wait to see pretty flowers again soon! Spring where are you? spring flowers

For a Laugh:

I can’t stop laughing at this sorry I’m not sorry.

door ram

I think it’s the thumbs up as she rams her head that gets me.

**Please note some of these contain affiliate links, and parts of this post were sponsored by Red Pack Tomatoes all opinions are my own*


Question of the Day: What’s your current obsession this week?