Stress Be Gone in 3 steps

by Renee on April 15, 2014 · 4 comments

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Stress is that nasty little bit of anxiety that creeps up on us. I hate stress! Don’t we all? The worst kind of stress though, is the kind we create for ourselves. The kind we carry and bury that plagues us without  really being able to pinpoint the exact cause.


I can be a worrier. It’s really is just a great way to stress yourself out. I find myself worried about situations that aren’t even happening just knowing they might someday occur!

giphyIt’s one of the reasons I’ve been enjoying so much yoga lately. It really is a wonderful way to center yourself and pinpoint stress areas. I carry stress in my shoulders. I like to think you can almost see my shoulders rising in direct correlation with my stress levels.

Lately my stress is about situations I can’t control. When it comes to family you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. And I need to let go of the fact that we walked the horse directly to the water through a maze of events and what felt like across a desert, and it still doesn’t want to drink. I need to accept that fact. It’s hard. And my stubborn brain wants to make the horse drink but again I need to let go of the stress that comes with that.

It’s not good for my wellbeing. And so it’s time to let it all go.

I’ve been following these three very simple steps to help reduce my stress levels:

Reduce Stress.jpg

1. Breathing and Quiet Mediation Daily. 

Setting aside just a few minutes a day for yourself can seriously melt away stress. Have an intention for the day, repeat it to yourself. Notice the way your breath fills your lungs when you are centered and calm. That calmness you harness in these few minutes will follow you for the day.

2. Be Present, Live in the Now.

Slow Down. The worst stress, which we’ve already discusses is “what if” stress? Living in the now and being present in your current situation helps you focus your energy away from creating stress and instead helps you focus on what is happening around you right NOW.  Be present and engaged in the moments of your life that are happening all around you. Worrying about tomorrow only steals the joy from today.

3. Phone a Friend. 

Reach out to others and engage. Sometimes the best medicine and stress relief is a good laugh shared with good friends.


And I’ll throw in a step #4 because I’m like that…there is very little stress that can’t be combated with a good ole fashioned Kickboxing class!

Question of the Day: What is your go to stress reliever? 


As my 10 mile Mountain Goat run gets closer and closer my longer (for me) runs are becoming more and more. Yesterday I woke up and felt like running. I love that feeling. Once my feet hit the pavement though I seemed to have completely reversed those thoughts. I felt sluggish, there was a crazy headwind and my music was less than inspiring. But the SUN was shinning so I pressed on.


6 miles later I honestly felt much better than that first horrible mile. I ran to the village rather than my usually country road route. Sometimes seeing people is more motivating for me than fields and wildlife. The above selfie was taken the second I realized that my runkeeper had mysteriously paused 2 miles earlier. Awesome, my face says it all! I was wondering why the annoying lady hadn’t popped in to give me my progress. But I was distracted by people and traffic and thought maybe I missed it?

Oh well 6 miles in the books check and in just under an hour it was a pretty good run.

Even though it was beautiful outside we had promised a certain someone a date to the new Captain America movie:

Captain America Movie

As you can tell he wasn’t excited or anything?! I plan to show all future girlfriends this photo for YEARS to come. People loved it though, I mean he carried the shield all around the mall before the movie started. The movie was great and since we are all huge nerds it makes me even more excited for the next Avengers and X-men movies.

We decided to grab some lunch before the movie and ended up an old favorite Johnny Rockets. Now that DestiNY is huge sometimes people forget about this gem.

Johnny Rockets

Seriously though I was so excited we didn’t have to wait to eat, then again is was 11:30 in the morning so it could have been that.

JOhnny Rockets 2

Any restaurant that serves ketchup flowers is TOPS in my book!

Ketchup Flower.jpg

And Broc’s too.

B at JOhnny Rockets.jpg

There was no healthy choice made here, a mini Captain America made me do it…. I had a HOUSTON Burger with fries!

That’s the only trouble I have when I start increasing my running mileage, I get HANGRY. I’m hungry and it makes me angry. And then I get hungry and want to eat EVERYTHING in site. And 6 miles isn’t even really a lot of mileage but for some reason anything over 5 triggers my brain that it’s BUFFET time.

I’m hoping to get in a nice slow 8-10 miler today. The weather is beautiful and makes for happy feet!  And hopefully NO buffets ;)

Question of the Day: Does running more make you want to eat  TON more? Or is it just me? 



Happy Friday! We are having a heat wave here and by heat wave I mean it’s 60 and sunny. Sunshine is such a mood booster and was exactly what I’ve needed.

It also gave me a reason to wear my new spring/summer shirt!  These colors are just screaming spring and I noticed the colors almost perfectly match my Julep April nail polishes.

Spring Stripped Top.jpg

Julep April Maven.jpg

And as every Upstater knows the first day it is warm enough to allow,  every kid breaks out their bike. Our goal this summer is no training wheels! I can’t wait to try some runs this summer with the boys on their bikes. I think it just might workout. And it would be the first summer where I could really think about getting rid of my double jogger…sad panda. My babies are growing up. We Ride Bikes.jpg

My workouts this week have been pretty sporadic and it broke out like this:

MONDAY: Yoga, 5k, Back and Arm Weights

TUESDAY: Taught Spin, long walk with Bella, This workout

WEDNESDAY: Yoga, Taught Spin, 2 mile run

THURSDAY: 4 mile run, This workout

FRIDAY: taught Kickboxing, maybe a few miles this afternoon.

SATURDAY: Weights, and MAYBE a swim (it’s been tooo long!)

SUNDAY: Long run I’m shooting for 8 miles, weather permitting!


I’m a little out of sorts with P90X ending last week and trying to find some new classes to fill in with. I’m thinking about heading back over to Santos BJJ for a few classes over break just for some variety. Two Yoga classes in one week and maybe another Sunday who am I?  ;)  I know I don’t  NEED group classes to work out but I do enjoy the push of a group setting. Hitting the pool will be a much-needed muscle confusion for me I haven’t been in the water in at least 2 months and that’s far too long to go for me.  I can almost smell the chlorine.

Since it’s the end of the week it was time for my favorite family dinner called clean out the fridge. It’s not always a crowd pleaser but it needs to be done.

This week we ended with some frozen seasoned shrimp, spaghetti squash and an entire quart of tomatoes. It was time to get creative.

Spaghetti Squash Roasted Tomato.jpg

It actually came out pretty good for being a total throw it in a pan and see what happens! First I cooked the shrimp by the package directions. While they were cooking I roasted my squash (45 minutes at 350degrees)  Once the shrimp were complete I removed them from the pan set them aside and added the tomatoes on a medium heat with a little EVOO, garlic, onion, basil and oregano and waited for them to cook down. Of course it made my entire house smell amazing and made me want to just make sauce.

Spaghetti Squash .jpg

But it all came together quite well once it had cooked down I added some water and tomato paste to get more of a sauce consistency.

Shrimp Spaghetti Squash.jpg

 Question of the Day: After a long winter, what is your FRIST beautiful day activity? Do you break out your bike?